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We really need YOUR HELP now.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, dear countrymen!

I am Roman Shkrebinets, - a priest of the Greek-Catholic Church, the administrator of st. Ivan Bohoslov congregation from the village of Velyki Korovyntsi, Chudniv district, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine.

Today we are having an important transition period in Ukraine and it is very important for us to be understood by everyone who is reading this letter. We really need YOUR HELP now.

Our community appeals to all people of good will. Now we are trying to restore the culture and spiritual world in this country after the soviet atheistic invasions. Our community decided to take the initiative in building the Church – the spiritual center for the most vulnerable population groups (old, orphans). Our intention of constructing a church was blessed by His Grace, member of higher orders of clergy Joseph (Mіlyan), Assistant Bishop of Kiev.

Unfortunately we have faced some difficulties.  First of all it is the existence of the financial and social problems both in the state and in our village.  We understood that without extraneous help we wouldn’t build the church.  The community itself is not able to realize this idea and it is very difficult for us to be aware of it. Especially it is hard for me as a priest to see and feel disability of our local community in building a church by ourselves. That’s why I need to ask all believers all over the world and those who are not indifferent to spiritual values. Even your smallest help will be appreciated and rewarded by the Lord.   

It is ashamed to say but our church with our parish (congregation) is in a miserable financial situation and cannot afford even many ordinary things.

The only thing that we can do now it is to bow our heads in humility, as Christ, and to pray, taking care of the olds, and do all our best for those children who left  by their parents  in poverty and without any control.

We are constructing a brick church which will become not only our Beauty for the eye but first of all Beauty for the soul. This church will be in the centre of the village next to the only children’s playground and the stadium.


Expressing feelings and requests of our congregation (parish) and all local community, once again my spiritual duty forces me to address to all people with the request of financial help.

The Jesus says: "I tell you the truth, what have you done to one of the least of my brethren, you did for me."

So, dear Brothers and Sisters, even your smallest mite will be reflected in the heavens and will be rewarded richly, because "It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

May Lord bless you and your families richly in your generosity.  Amen.


Thank you for understanding.


Sincerely yours:  Roman Shkrebinets, the priest.


For  donors: OSCHADBANK

Bank details: UAH, €, $ USD

Account: 26006300446875

Bank code:  311647

Іde. code:  36802688

Purpose:  Donation for church construction

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